About Us

The Czech Heritage Society of South Texas was chartered on September 11, 1980 by the State of Texas with the stated objective of “to preserve, maintain & promote the customs, language, heritage and society relationships of the American people of Czech descent”.  The Society’s first officers were: J.B. Seficik – President, Alvin J. Prochaska – Vice President, Helen Pavelka – Secretary and Frank W. Veselka – Treasurer.   Directors at Large included: Viola Cabla,  Albin Janosek, Richard Pavlasek, Joe Malik, Jr., Betty Jurica, Robert Sablatura, Jr., Norma Birmingham, Victor Dlabaja, & J.C. Ermis.

Czech Heritage Society members meet four times a year at the Moravian Hall at 5601 Kostoryz Rd. in Corpus Christi, Texas. All meetings include a pot luck lunch.  Annual membership is $12.50.  The May, April & November meetings are followed by a dance that is open to the public.   Annual fund raising celebrations include the annual “Polka Fest” held each February at the Sokol Hall and the Annual Summer PolkaFest held in July at the Moravian Hall.  Both venues are located on Kostoryz Rd. in Corpus Christi.